High Top Publishing services

High Top Publishing has a combined publishing and a brand building business model that is quintessential in the industry. It is a creative and extremely close collaboration between author and publisher that works to implement new and more innovative ways to communicate with booksellers and readers in the global markets, especially in the United States and Greater China.
Our mission is to have a selective publishing list, and to have our authors’ well-told story gracefully presented to our global readers.
We are entrepreneurial in nature when compared to other major publishing houses. In order to meet the challenge of today’s rapidly changing market place, we strive to provide a dynamic, and technology based and customized end to end solutions to our authors.

• Premier Pre-publishing Services
• Publishing & Distribution Services
• Print on Demand Services
• Marketing Services
• Brand Building Signature Services
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Premier Pre-Publishing Services
• English-Chinese Language Translation Editing;
• Co-author Services;
• Book Cover Design;
• Formatting including Interior layout;
• Editorial Quality Review;
• Full Copy Edit;
• Final version of the book
• PDF download of the book
• Galley copies of the both versions of the book
Publishing and Distribution Services
• Epub and other formats Conversion;
• ISBN (International Standard Book Number)
• Retail Availability: Amazon Kindle, Apple, Barnes & Noble, / EBL, Ebrary, Follett, Ingram Digital, Ingram myiLibrary, Kobo™ (both through and through Borders) , OverDrive, ReadHowYouWant, and Sony Connect;
• Special book presentation website panel at;
• Bibliographic databases availability; and distribution catalogs availability;

Print on Demand Services
• Using Print on Demand (POD), books are printed to fill specific orders. No stock is maintained in the warehouse unless the title is also enrolled in the SPR program.

Marketing Services
• Develop personalized publicity and pitching angles strategies;
• Develop press material, key messages;
• Reach out to extensive media contact to promote the book to print (magazine and newspapers), broadcast (television and radio), and online media contacts;
• Reach out for editors, reporters, producers, bloggers and all other interested media, arrange high priority media.
• digital marketing including digital press kits, on-line news releases, search engine optimizer marketing.

Brand Building Signature Services
• High Top Publishing professionals will represent our clients to showcase the book and author at carefully selected book marketing events;
• High Top Publishing has carved a niche in the evolving market place by utilizing web-based marketing and exclusive club forum, inserting our client’s message into our cultural conversation, and placing our client’s brand into the hands of those whose influence matters most.