Never Count Out the Dead

Based on one of the most infamous cover-ups in Los Angeles history, NEVER COUNT OUT THE DEAD  is a tragic masterpiece that has been reviewed as Chinatown meets MacBeth.

Award winning author Boston Teran takes us into the soul of a Mephistophelian tale about a mother who raises her daughter to be a murderess. Their target – a policeman. He is lured into the desert where he is shot and buried in a shallow grave. Fate divines he does not die. But a conspiracy is in play. His reputation is destroyed, his life ruined.

A decade later an agoraphobic columnist living a Howard Hughes life in Los Angeles high atop Mount Washington uncovers evidence during the investigation of a scandal that leads back to this long since forgotten crime. What follows is a violent study in cold calculation and the diabolic art of political crime that ends in tragedy and retribution.

This is the 10th Anniversary edition of one of the works that  made Boston Teran an internationally acclaimed artist.

tenth anniversary kindle edition

Tenth Anniversary Celebration
Kindle edition of NEVER COUNT OUT THE DEAD.
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