Two Boys at Breakwater

Guy Prince was the son of a racketeer, Dean Teranova the son of a third-rate conman. Their love story takes place in New York during the summers of 1957 and 1966. Their loss of innocence serves as an indictment of a time and a world that was violent, sexual and layered with corruption and immorality, taking readers from the black and white era of West Side Story to the psychedelic and radicalized sixties.

The youths’ journey is a tale of the hunter and the hunted, when they are both, and often at the same time. Their quest is to find a gangster missing for nearly a decade, who did one good deed in his lifetime. And for this, he lost his only child.

In a New York, born of Dante, shoddy mafia families, corrupt task forces, and desperate, tragic gangsters control a medieval fiefdom in which the youths become chess pieces to be used, manipulated, compromised, exploited and then destroyed.

“Boston Teran’s ability to guide the English language in a unique manner that both surprises and captures the New York community milieu creates an atmosphere that is compelling and often unexpected as the boys struggle with themselves, their heritage, and each other.”
– Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

Two Boys at Breakwater is a harrowing and heartbreaking noir crime thriller that resonates with dark, lyrical beauty, Boston Teran’s masterful and eloquent prose a lone voice of humanity in an inhumane time, grabbing the reader from the beginning and not letting him go until the final, unforgettable denouement. Highly recommended and a major contender for novel of the year!”
– Eric Petersen, Internet Review of Books

“This complex story of greed, cruelty, and murder illuminates lives ‘undermined by fate and flawed choices,’ and sympathetically portrays the profound relationship between Dean and Guy, who are forever bound together through loyalty, friendship, and love in an increasingly violent world.”
– Publishers Weekly

Coming July 8, 2021