The Country I lived In

THE COUNTRY I LIVED IN…the time is 1955..the birth of rock and roll, the Beat Generation and social rebellion. It is also the era of covert operations and clandestine governmental actions. War hero John Rawbone Lourdes, grandson of an infamous American outlaw and assassin, and son of a renowned agent for the Bureau of Investigation sets off on an odyssey through Texas and into Mexico, to uncover one of the most foreboding true conspiracies of the time. A profound novel of social protest and the violence and treachery committed to crush it. THE COUNTRY I LIVED IN is also a moving personal story about love and loyalty. Loyalty to a woman, to one’s friends, to one’s nation, and ultimately to the truth. And how all three may well be in conflict with eachother.

Imagine Apocalypse Now as seen through the eyes of Jack Kerouac or Bob Dylan…
FAB 40.