The Tried and True Tales of Phineas Ichabod Rate

THE TRIED AND TRUE TALES OF PHINEAS ICHABOD RATE is urban fantasy at its rock and roll best and a book that bends, warps and breaks all the storytelling rules.

It’s the story about a boy and his dog, who are hit by a car. The boy is left in a coma. The story follows a mythical and off the charts journey he takes while in that coma to save the dog. The journey takes him through what is an alternate America, and the actions he takes and the decisions he makes could not only well affect his emotional being, but his physical being as well.

The trek will take Christopher to places like Bedlam and Wilderness X. Then there is the state of NEW AZ which has been carved out of the old states of Arizona, New Mexico, Kansas and Oklahoma and is protected by a monstrous lethal electric fence to not only keep out undesirable aliens, but a pranksterish and freewheelin’ youth who have created their own reality show done by and about kids entitled THE FENCE. It has become a huge hit show and the kids have become the mortal antagonists of the authorities of NEW AZ. Their motto is FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.

There are characters like Annie OK Corral, Rush Limpaugh, Glen Bent and J.J. Gonzo, whose similarity to famous or infamous political/social figures living or dead is purely intentional. And then there is the title character of this book – Phineas Ichabod Rate – a five foot seven genius who is part canine and part human and the boys erstwhile sidekick.

Audience – YA and up. Fantasy lovers to mainstream fiction.