The Prince of Deadly Weapons

“Boston Teran’s THE PRINCE OF DEADLY WEAPONS, delivers the award-winning author’s trademark cast of finely drawn, deeply flawed characters, murky morality, and flat-out nasty violence, all presented at a carefully metered pace that maintains just the right anxious buzz from first page to last.”
– Bob Rhubart, The Bookreporter

In Rio Vista, California, Taylor Greene, the perfect son and heir to a fortune, dies in what is called a suicide. Two hundred miles away in an anonymous motel room along a brush-strewn highway, a federal agent waiting to meet Taylor was murdered just days before.

Months later, Dane Rudd enters Rio Vista out of an unending dusk for a memorial to this young man his own age that he didn’t know, had never met. Yet Dane Rudd seems to owe his life to Taylor Greene, for Dane was almost blinded in an accident; it’s because of the donation of Taylor’s corneas that he is able to see again.

Set in the California Delta, an eleven-thousand-mile maze of waterways and riverside towns, The Prince of Deadly Weapons is a highly crafted literary thriller. Like the myth of the labyrinth that inspired the tale, it is a drama rife with violence, intrigue, love, deception, loss, murder, and the most necessary act of all-redemption.

What compels Dane Rudd to stay and pay back the ghost of a young man for his second chance at sight? What are the forces within and around Dane Rudd that drive him to take on this fool’s errand of a dangerous hunt for the truth? That is the unknown as Dane Rudd begins this journey through a pathway of liars, thieves, murderers, and innocents, while knowing all too well that within every act of charity may lie the heart of an executioner.